Vicar's House

Vicar's House

The building was formerly known as the Koniecpolski Chapter House or the Castle Vicars’ House. Today it accommodates the apartments of the cathedral clergy and the Wawel parish office. Initially royal property was given in 1441 by Władysław of Varna to Jan of Koniecpol, the Grand Crown Chancellor, and then donated by the latter’s wife to the Kraków Chapter. The building was thoroughly reconstructed in 1522. In the 2nd half of the 16th century it was expanded, and then restored and reconstructed in 1889 by architect Antoni Siedek. This included the addition of the second storey and construction of a tower with new staircase. At the first floor there is a bay hanged over the corbels with the Belina coat of arms dating back to the 16th century. A part of the 16th century stone window frames has been preserved.

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