House Of The Former Theological Seminar

House Of The Former Theological Seminar

The building is comprised of three Gothic houses erected in the 15th century to be later repeatedly reconstructed: the former house of prebendaries of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity (founded in 1431 by Władysław Jagiełło), house of Hincza of Rogów and house of Jan Głowacza of Oleśnica known as Pinczów (later the property of the Kraków Cathedral vicars). From 1602 the first of these buildings was the seat of the Theological Seminar established by Bishop Bernard Maciejowski at Wawel. The other two houses were included in the seminar in 1728 by Bishop Konstanty Felicjan Szaniawski after the reconstruction according to the design of Kacper Bażanka. In 1801 the Austrian authorities closed down the seminar, and – after some adaptation works by John Baptist Markel – the building was assigned for military purposes (barracks in the years 1948-1905). From 1913 a part of the building housed the Ethnographic Museum liquidated by the Nazis. The preserved elements include the Baroque stucco decoration in the former oratorio and refectory on the ground floor, and late-Gothic and Renaissance portals in the hall and the basement. Today the building houses, among other things, flats of the employees of the Wawel Royal Castle.

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