Krakow Forum NBMS

Krakow Science-Business-Residents-Local Government Forum- (Krakow Forum NBMS)

Krakow Forum NBMS is an initiative aimed at promoting exchange of ideas and fostering co-operation along the functional axis: Science-Business-Community-Local Government.

Krakow Forum NBMS
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The Forum is meant to enhance overall development, and stimulate innovation, as well as promote Krakow as a city worth:

  • investing and working in
  • studying in
  • living and enjoying oneself in

The Forum is an inter-disciplinary initiative associating the representatives of Krakow’s universities and research institutions, companies investing in Krakow, representatives of Krakow residents’ associations and local government officials.

The Forum aims to map out new horizons and platforms of co-operation in times ruled by knowledge-driven economies, in particular:

  • establishment of an effective platform for free exchange of ideas and business  experience, as well as opinions regarding specific activities shaping the city of Krakow as a modern and competitive research-and-development center
  • initiation of a scope of activities effectively facilitating the promotion of Krakow as a business-friendly venue, with a view to attracting new direct investment
  • development of specific mechanisms to take advantage of the competitive edge boasted by the city of Krakow through free availability of highly trained workforce
  • mapping out, jointly with the local academic community, a common educational development pathway, with a view to tailoring the workforce more closely to the specific requirements of the labour market
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