Successors of Henryk Reyman

Wisla Krakow is the same age as Cracovia. The “White Star” team dominated the Polish football at the beginning of the 21st century. In the years 2000-2011 Wisla won the championship title seven times, while in its entire history it was the champion thirteen times (in the years: 1927, 1928, 1949, 1950, 1978, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2011). The main author of the first and second championship in the club’s history was Henryk Reyman.

Successors of Henryk Reyman

In the years 1927–1928 the player scored 67 goals for Wisla, twice became the league’s top goal scorer, and Wisla won two championship titles. Today the stadium where the Krakow team plays its matches bears the name of this goal-scoring player.

Wisla became famous in Europe through its fight for the Champions League. In the European games in the years 2000-2011 the Krakow team encountered such famous clubs as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Parma and Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen. Krakow fans will particularly remember the clash with FC Barcelona. The stake of the two matches between the teams was to go through to the group stage of the Champions League. In the first away match the Krakow team lost at Camp Nou by 4:0. In the re-match the Wisla players won by 1:0. Despite the fact that they did not go through, Wisla were the first Polish team to beat the team from Catalonia. It was one of Barcelona’s two losses in the European games.

At present, Wisla Krakow occupies the 2nd place in the all-time table of Ekstraklasa, and they are at the top of their league in the ongoing season. In addition, the Krakow club’s players compete with FC Twente, Fulham London and Odense Boldklub at the group stage of the Europa League to go through to the next round.

Apart from football Wisla also runs the sections of box, bridge, gymnastics, judo, women’s basketball, men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, shooting, youth football, futsal and chess. The women’s basketball team of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow is particularly successful. The players with the white star on their chests won 21 titles of the Champion of Poland (last time in the 2010/11 season). They are also successful at the international arena where they played in the Euroliga’s Final Four in the 2009/10 season and in the current season of 2011/2012 they have noted several victories.

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