The services of slow-speed vehicles with electric drive

Bearing in mind the need to protect the cultural landscape of the Old Town and the safety of people using electric car transport services, the Mayor of the Municipality of Krakow conducted a competition for the entrepreneurs providing transport services using the vehicles at the Cultural Park of the Old Town. The competition defined the requirements to be met by the vehicles - in terms of having seat belts fitted, the body colour (dark beige), the age of the vehicle (a maximum of 5 years) and a confirmed technical efficiency required. The vehicles selected for the competition were provided with distinctive identifiers on their windshields. There are 70 of such electric car vehicles in our city. We encourage you to try out these vehicles.

The services of slow-speed vehicles with electric drive
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Information to individual tourists and organized groups using the services of slow-speed vehicles with electric drive within the Cultural Park Old Town in Krakow:

„In connection with the Order No. 1246/2018 of the Mayor of the City of Krakow of 16 May 2018 regarding the approval of the results of the competition for the provision of passenger transport services using low-speed electric vehicles within ​​the Cultural Park Old Town entitled »Transport of people within ​​the Cultural Park Old Town« issued pursuant to the Resolution No. CXV/1547/10 of the City Council of Krakow of November 3, 2010 regarding the establishment of a cultural park called the Cultural Park Old Town, we kindly inform that only the low-speed vehicles with an ID are permitted to provide transport services within the Cultural Park Old Town. The ID, in the form of a sticker in the A5 format, shall be placed in the lower right corner of the windshield of the vehicle and have a hologram with the »ZIKIT 2018« mark.

The ID is issued for a period of one year for the vehicles selected as a result of a competition organized by the Mayor of Krakow, meeting the technical, visual and other requirements set out in the appendix to the aforementioned the resolution.

The vehicle identification number on the ID should match the number on the vehicle. Performing passenger transport services within ​​the Park using vehicles that do not have the ID is a violation of the provisions of the resolution.

There have been routes designated along which low-speed vehicles with electric drive can be driven within the area of the Old Town covered by the resolution. The streets where people can be transported using low-speed electric vehicles are presented in the following map of the Cultural Park Old Town.

In relation to the above, all individual tourists, organized groups and companies using the services provided in the field of passenger transport using low-speed vehicles with electric drive in the Cultural Park Old Town are requested to implement tourist offers only using the slow-speed vehicles authorized to provide the above-mentioned services.”

Katarzyna Olesiak
Director of the Culture and National Heritage Department of the Municipality of Krakow.

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