Magiczny Kraków, pl-pl Wed, 20 Feb 2019 00:37:35 +0100 Krakow’s idea for MICE,251,komunikat,krakow_s_idea_for_mice.html,251,komunikat,krakow_s_idea_for_mice.html Today, the growing awareness of the benefits of operating a tourism business  has made the competition fierce on the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing & Exhibitions) map of destinations. Even a good tourist offer and good infrastructure may not be enough to maintain the attractiveness of the city or region and attract a satisfactory number of events. Nearly four years ago, this was realized in Małopolska and the Krakow Network was established. ]]> Thu, 07 Feb 2019 08:25:59 +0100 Meetings industry’s economic impact on Kraków’s economy,251,komunikat,meetings_industry_s_economic_impact_on_krakow_s_economy.html,251,komunikat,meetings_industry_s_economic_impact_on_krakow_s_economy.html Participants of meetings and business events staged in Kraków in 2017 spent 1.4 billion PLN, three times more than in 2013. The Economic impact of the meetings industry for Kraków’s economy report demonstrates the growth potential and profitability of the sector of business tourism. ]]> Fri, 08 Feb 2019 13:50:34 +0100 WIZZ AIR ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF A NEW BASE IN KRAKOW,251,komunikat,wizz_air_announces_the_opening_of_a_new_base_in_krakow.html,251,komunikat,wizz_air_announces_the_opening_of_a_new_base_in_krakow.html 2 NEW AIRCRAFT AND 12 NEW ROUTES IN 2019 On November 21st, Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe, announced the opening in Krakow of its 26th base. The carrier will place 2 Airbus A321 aircrafts at Krakow airport, the first in May and the second in September 2019. From April next year, Wizz Air will be launching twelve new routes to nine countries. Tickets for new connections can now be booked on or via the WIZZ mobile application with prices starting from PLN 39*. ]]> Tue, 29 Jan 2019 10:26:51 +0100 Open Eyes Economy Summit for the third time in Krakow,251,komunikat,open_eyes_economy_summit_for_the_third_time_in_krakow.html,251,komunikat,open_eyes_economy_summit_for_the_third_time_in_krakow.html The third edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit congress will take place at the ICE Krakow Congress Center on November 20 and 21. It is made up of approx. 100 companies and institutions, over 170 speakers from around the world and 2,000 visitors from over 20 countries! All this to promote a socially-based approach to the economy and to create a place for the exchange of ideas and experiences. ]]> Tue, 04 Dec 2018 12:58:06 +0100 WINTER #DIRECTfromKRAKOW,251,komunikat,winter__directfromkrakow.html,251,komunikat,winter__directfromkrakow.html During the night from Saturday to Sunday (October 27-28), we switched our watches to winter time, and the airline industry started the winter season 2018/2019. Passengers of the Krakow airport will now be able to take advantage of the offer of 100 #DIRECTfromKRAKOW connections, including nine new ones. ]]> Fri, 09 Nov 2018 10:50:46 +0100 Sixteen new Polish Congress Ambassadors honored during the gala in Poznan!,251,komunikat,sixteen_new_polish_congress_ambassadors_honored_during_the_gala_in_poznan_.html,251,komunikat,sixteen_new_polish_congress_ambassadors_honored_during_the_gala_in_poznan_.html During the gala at the Poznan International Fair, more Polish Congress Ambassadors were honored. For the first time, Polish Congress Patrons were also distinguished, showing appreciation for the sponsors supporting the meeting’s industry. Krakow can boast of as many as four laureates! ]]> Fri, 09 Nov 2018 10:38:49 +0100