3rd Cultural Heritage Summer School - Cultural Landscapes

The Faculty of History of Vilnius University is delighted to announce an Open Call for participants to the 3rd Cultural Heritage Summer School in the Nida Art Colony. The Summer School will take place on the 4th-11th of August in Nida, Lithuania. It is an annual one-week high quality capacity building event focusing on cultural heritage issues. The topic of the Summer School this year is the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL).

3rd Cultural Heritage Summer School - Cultural Landscapes
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Urbanization nowadays is leading to irreversible socio-economic changes and cooperation between all parties involved at different levels is required to achieve a comprehensive quality of living environment.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 also highlights the need of “making cities and people-populated areas safe and sustainable” (Goal 11) and the interest in 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) at national and international levels is particularly high. This document advocates an integrated approach towards working with urban environment, especially with its most sensitive historical part. It examines the importance and benefits of integrating historical urban area conservation, management and planning strategies into local development processes and urban planning.

The provisions of the Recommendation are regularly reviewed and their practical implementation updated, especially regarding the integration of modern architecture into historical environment. It is expected that the role of architecture in the context of historical urban landscapes (application of the document provisions, theory, practice-management, emerging challenges, new initiatives) will be examined during the Summer School in 2019.


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