The participants of the Global Summit of Women visit Krakow

In 2016, Poland hosted the Global Summit of Women, also known as ‘Women’s Davos’. On Monday, June 13th almost 100 summit participants visited Krakow, admiring Poland’s most famous city and meeting its authorities. Mayor Jacek Majchrowski and Vice Mayor Elżbieta Koterba welcomed the female leaders in the beautiful surroundings of the National Museum's Gallery of the 19th Century Polish Art.

The participants of the Global Summit of Women visit Krakow
Photo Wiesław Majka

‘I believe it is no exaggeration to say that the Summit of Women taking place in Krakow is a historic moment for us. Poland is the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to host the Global Summit of Women. We, in Krakow, are proud to share this honour with Polish capital Warsaw. The fact that some of the world’s most powerful female leaders visit Krakow is a wonderful mark of respect for our ancient and beautiful city, famous for its hospitality and openness.’ said Mayor Majchrowski, welcoming his guests.

The Mayor emphasized that Krakow, known for its historical heritage, is among the fastest developing cities in this part of Europe. The city is an important center for new technologies, trade, services, international economic cooperation and global tourism. Krakow is business friendly and open to innovation. ‘No wonder we have become the Polish hotbed for startups and that so many young graduates chose to develop their careers and businesses here’ said Jacek Majchrowski.

Later Vice Mayor of Krakow Elżbieta Koterba delivered a presentation on Krakow’s economic potential and development strategy also referring to the role women played in Krakow’s history.

The Summit participants visited the Main Market Square and the Archeological Route underneath it. Following the meeting in the Cloth Hall, they visited Wieliczka and its Salt Mine.

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News author: IZABELA HAUPT
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