Keep on rockin'! Paul McCartney in Kraków

Paul McCartney – one of the forefathers and living legends of pop music - came to Kraków for his first concert at Tauron Arena Kraków on 3 December 2018 as part of his "Freshen Up tour". On this occasion Mayor of Kraków Jacek Majchrowski prepared a special welcome gift for the star.

Keep on rockin'! Paul McCartney in Kraków
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When choosing the gift Mayor Majchrowski decided to refer to one of the prominent features of the British culture, namely tea. The artist received a gold plated tea cup designed and produced by the famous Ćmielów Porcelain Factory. Engraved on a personalised box were the words: "Good tea needs a good teacup. This is Kraków's finest".

Paul McCartney

"I am truly honoured by the fact that welcoming you - another legend - today marks a milestone in Kraków’s history! Your first performance in our city is by far one of the most anticipated and intriguing cultural events in years." - Mayor Jacek Majchrowski wrote in his letter to Sir Paul McCartney. - "Enjoy the days you spend in Kraków. I hope you find the time to see our most beautiful sights, hear the rhythm of the place, taste our regional food, and meet the people who adore your music."

Paul McCartney

This is how Paul McCartney advertised his concert before coming to Kraków: It’s always fun to visit new places and helps to keep things fresh and exciting for us. I’ve always wanted to see Krakow and have heard so many great things about it. We had such a blast on our last trip to Poland so we know this is going to be another special night for us and we can’t wait to get back. Get ready to rock Poland! – Paul McCartney.

Referring to this last phrase Mayor of Kraków ended his letter with a handwritten note: "Keep on rockin’!”


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