Luxembourg in Krakow

On February 28th, Vice Mayor of Krakow, Tadeusz Trzmiel met Ambassador of Luxembourg to Poland, H.E. Konrad A. Bruch, The. Ambassador’s second visit to Krakow was connected with the official inauguration of the Honorary Consulate of Luxembourg in our city.

Luxembourg in Krakow
Photo Wiesław Majka/umk

Ambassador Bruch paid his first visit in June 2011, to welcome to Krakow, together with municipal authorities, the members of the Luxembourg-based Eurobiker Association. They stopped over in Krakow during one of their trips across Europe, which are aimed at promoting tolerance and raising charity funds.

This time, the Ambassador participated in the opening of Luxembourg’s Honorary Consulate in Krakow. The event took place on February 28th and coincided with the opening of a unique exhibition: Remembering Radio Luxembourg in the People’s Republic of Poland. The exhibition was prepared by the University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Embassy of Luxembourg in Warsaw, the Krakow Museum of Municipal Engineering and Euroscript Polska Sp. z.o.o. The Mayor of Krakow, the Marshall of Małopolska and TVP3 Kraków all support the exhibition which aims at presenting the influence of Radio Luxembourg on the development of cultural and social life in the Poland of 1960’s and 70’s. It presents the memories of famous artists, journalists or politicians, all of whom – in their youth – experienced first hand the strong influence of the Luxembourg-based radio station. The exhibition opens to the public on March 1st.

Szymon Malecki, the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg and Management Board President at Euroscript Polska Sp. z.o.o., aims at supporting Luxembourg citizens residing or traveling in our region and strengthening the economic, cultural and social bonds between Małopolska and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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News author: KINGA STOSZEK
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