Colours of the World. Morocco in Krakow

For the first time in Poland in late October Krakow will host the first so elaborate festival fully devoted to Moroccan culture.

Colours of the World. Morocco in Krakow
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It s founders - Jakub Ciećkiewicz, the Dziennik Polski journalist, Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury, Stowarzyszenie Projekt Orient as well as the Municipality of Krakow – through the presentation of festival events will create a memorable opportunity to meet the Moroccan culture and feel its atmosphere. The programme includes such attractions as a unique collection of 19th c. postcards, presentation of craft, art and dance as well as Tuareg poetry which will be translated and presented for the first time to introduce this exotic and colourful culture.

The festival will be held under honorary patronage of Moha Ouali Tagma, H.E. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Poland who met Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow Elżbieta Lęcznarowicz on 22 August to discuss possible additional presentations to the already extensive festival programme. The project is particualarly important for the Municipality as since the agreement of 1985 Fes has been Krakow's partner city.

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