Orléans' Deputy Mayor Visits Krakow

Marie-Thérèse Pilet-Duchâteau, Deputy Mayor of Orléans, visited the Municipality of Krakow on 28 September. The main purpose for the visit was to discuss the celebration of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the cities' partnership.

Orléans' Deputy Mayor Visits Krakow
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The cities' cooperation began in 1975 when one of France's five skauting organisations Eclaireurs Eclaireuses de France from Orléans began cooperating with Krakow's skauting group Huragan. Many years' vivid cooperation between the cites led to the signing of the Partnership Agreement on 14 March 1992.

The meeting with Magdalena Sroka, Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow brought about the idea that the celebrations should be held both in Krakow and Orléans, so that the inhabitants of both cities have a chance to participate.

Krakow will present its attractions in May. Joan of Arc Day is in May and in 2012 Orléans will celebrate her 600th birthday. Krakow is already involved in one project related to this anniversary which involves a creation of a unique gallery of Joan of Arc's portraits, created of exactly 600 works. (see more)

Krakow's presentation in Orléans, on the other hand, will be held as part of the cebrations of the City Day in the beginning of June 2012. Programme details are still to be determined but can already reveal that it will most probably involve a sound and light show. The programme will also include events prepared by the Henryk Jordan Youth Centre in cooperation with its counterpart in Orléans.

Besides the anniversary celebrations the ladies discussed plans for extending the cooperation to include promotion and tourism but also contacts between the Historical Museum of Krakow and Museum of Orléans.

The warm atmosphere of the meeting, mutual openness and wilingness to cooperate provide hope for really interesting events next year.

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