Jagiellonian University supports mathematical talents

On July the eight, the 11th International Tournament of Young Mathematicians in Barcelona finished. The first ever Polish representation, supported by the City of Kraków and prepared by the scientists from Jagiellonian University, brought home a silver medal!

Jagiellonian University supports mathematical talents
Photo Jagiellonian University

Krzysztof Boryczka (from V LO in Bielsko Biała), Kamil Ciebiera, Piotr Kaliciak (both from LO im. Jana Pawła II in Rzeszów), Gabriel Kiciński (from III LO in Gdynia), Piotr Ryłko, and Radosław Żak (both from V LO in Kraków) worked under supervision of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science to prepare solutions of ten problems proposed for the tournament. Aside from the medals, they won the Special Distinction of the jury and the prize for the best solved quiz. After such an impressive debut, the Faculty plans on sending the Polish representation at ITYM in the upcoming years.

Team Poland 2

You can find more about the team and their achievements, and about ITYM itself at the Faculty's website.



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News author: Izabela Haupt
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